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Jaffas - The Demon Don
PKC file ,Subject 004  "Jaffas" aka "The Demon Don" aka "Don Jaf" aka "Uncle Jaffas"

Description- Demonic in appearance though retains a somewhat humanoid body and face ,heavy scars on his right side along with a broken horn (which he isnt keen on discussing ) Jaffas has dark red hair and fur on legs and end of his tail , his legs having a hoof like appearance with two separate back "toes" with hoofs at the end of them acting as a balance  as well as making him able to climb and cling onto rough surfaces such as mountainous lands (similar to that of a climbing goat ) he is able to wield and summon fire (classified as "Pyromancy" ) but doesn't seem keen to use it other then for intimidation or to light his favorite cigars and prefers to use his spiked club instead-

Jaffas was apparently around long before demons became commonly known to the earth , he made his presence known after the peace treaty was signed , as the "Demon Don" , apparently according to him he was originally a low level demon in the Void and was discarded away by his "demon lord" he had since been in hiding and had gathers like minded demons together and formed a gang of misfits and rejects , fairly similar to PKC's goals to get everyone to fit in and feel welcomed to the world , however Jaffas seems more ambitious, therefore more dangerous , about his goals of gaining power and influence over not only humans but to "get back" at the Demon lords that wronged him and his kin.

he operates mostly underground knowing we are keeping a close watch on him , despite his lofty ambitions and at times shady dealings he has been mostly harmless to both humans and Demi's who have integrated into normal society his dealings normally having to work out problems for them for a price (typically valuables and family heirlooms )  while we are aware that some of the ways he deals with these "problems" are at time not legal we cant support a arrest due to lack of evidence , the few times we have gotten him or his partners arrested we could only get him for petty thievery or minor vandalism and he would be out after some good behavior and community service (which he seems oddly pleased to do so ), in summery Jaffas works outside the law , tiptoeing around criminal activities and is very careful to cover his tracks , while he is under our close watchlist he is minor enough to be overlooked for the "bigger fish" that are more of a present danger , and Jaffas has been a good informant for other criminal activities that happen around the world (never does it for free but we expected that ).

=Abilities and Strength=
+although Jaffas is considered the "weakest" demon his resilience and determination has gotten him out of some major scraps with other higher level demons
+ He is very charismatic and charming to people  , many people refer to him as "Uncle Jaffas" at times due to his friendly even family like nature
+ Pyromancy - able to summon and control flames ,though he uses this ability more for intimidation rather then destruction
+Destructive strength- able to crush in cars with a single swing of his spiked club , and even break through doors or brick walls, while impressive by human standards for a demon its actually fairly weak-

-His kin and family , Jaffas when he connects to people or demons he will view them as one of his own "family" , this does lead him to being open for betrayal due to his trusting nature , however those who betray him will end up "missing"
-Jaffas is strongly against Authority , especially those who abuse their power or status and is relentless on taking them down .
-being one of the lowest level demon Jaffas can be killed by conventional weapons , and is especially weak against "holy" weapons

Jaffas and Vegma (OO1) are long time friends that used to grow up together , they frequently try and get together for drinks but if you refer to our file on Vegma you will understand why we strongly discourage their interactions without supervision

Jaffas's cigar is made from plants that grow only in The Void world and has them imported , this unknown plant seems to have similar effects to that of tobacco plants however the smoke it produces is black and has a oddly soothing sulfuric scent-

Jaffas loves stray dogs,cats,Children ,and pigs-
Vegma El Demous
PKC file , subject 001 "Vegma El Demous" , aka "hellhound" , aka "Boozehound" ,aka "why is the rum gone?"

Description- Vegma typically is viewed as a man wearing a brightly colored shirt (Pink with blue flowers) with dark ,almost pitch black hair and purple eyes
normally he is very docile and helpful however under the right kind of conditions (seems to happen more often when he runs out of his favorite Drink of rum) he will become his true form , that of a hellhound (not a werewolf as he frequently corrects us on )wielding a dark purple flame that doesn't seem to go out , even when submerged in water-
about 90 years ago a catastrophic event happened on earth in which a explosive energy cracked the planet open across Russia and most of Europe . and with it seemed like the end of the world as creatures resembling that of demons (we don't want to jump to any religious conclusions for the sake of science and understanding) their prescience caused a huge panic in the world as they invaded in all directions , about a year of fighting and losing the fight against them Vegma showed up to our world leaders and offered his assistance which was met with...less the hospitable response.
The one to listen and influence the world leaders to accept his help was that of Andrew Franklyn Stian after spending time talking to Vegma and made a "deal" with him
the full context of this deal is only known between Vegma and Andrew but we know of 3 things.
1-Demous Ilse was created about 100 miles from Hawaii   , the large landmass soon became the Stian family home and years later would become the base of operations for PKC
2-When the war was over we were to integrate the "demons" or "Demi"  into society , using Demous Ilse as a research center and sort of correction facility
3- frequent donations of Rum to Vegma for his own uses-(typically drinking)
others parts of the deal is unknown since both Vegma and Andrew refused to answer any questions about it.

=Abilities and Strength=
we have compiled a list of abilities of Vegma over the years of observation and the eyewitness events of others-
+Skilled swordsman
+Uses Dark magic  typically over shadows and his own dark flame , seeming to favor swordsmanship then magic but he has been seeing using the following-
1-Summoning shadow hounds ,Imps, and even demonic looking suits of armored soldiers
2-Dark flame , a magical flame that burns even when submerged in water , however we have found that "Holy" symbols and artifacts seem to ward off the flame
2- Teleportation-[correction]- he uses shadows , or dark places to move from one place to another through a dimensional pocket between earth and The Void in which him and his fellow demons seem to come from-
+ Near Immortality , it seems nearly no man made weapons can actually kill Vegma, mostly one can injure him to the point that he will retreat and seem to be fully healed in a days time (this also includes being decapitated )  however we have found out that something that does seem to take him out for a extended period of time is "holy" weapons or items , while not entirely killed he will be "sealed" away from our dimensional plane for a set number of years (we have yet to figure out how long or what gauges how "holy" a weapon is due to lack of testing being allowed ) a example of him being "Sealed" is during the first year after the war, a frantic priest used a cross to stab Vegma in the chest  , he came back about 6 months later and grumbled about how cramped he was , however some noticed that to this day he has a scar where he was stabbed by the cross leading to believe that he could possibly be destroyed with a "holy enough" weapon (whatever the hell that means )

- Vegma is reckless in combat , he seems to heavily rely on his near immortality and will charge headlong against opponents , this would seem like a major weakness but between the immortality and his skill with a sword has proven this tactic works for him

-Vegma takes a long time to find a fight serious enough , he holds back until he take enough damage or if his opponent does something to piss him off (most examples seem to be rum related )

-Holy weapons and artifacts can seal him away fairly easily , even though he will eventually come back its a good way to get him out of the picture for a long period of time


Vegma in the last 90 years have became sort of a guardian to the Stian family , mainly likes to work in the background and let us do what we wish but he will occasionally pop in to either steal some booze or to give some advice , he mostly keeps his distance though and will only intervene in something major when he feels that he needs to

Vegma's favorite rum is called "Devil's Cut Spiced Rum" a dark brown bottle with a red "X" design on it

in human form he has a tattoo in red his name "Vegma El Demous" across his chest , when in wolf form this mark is seen glowing over his fur

NEVER....EVER....put Vegma and Jaffas (OO4 ) in the same room together unsupervised , especially in bars or strip clubs , we had to remove bottles from [redacted] and clean up all the damn [redacted] from the floor , ceiling , attic space , behind bars , inside jars ,  AND the fucking [redacted]  the therapy cost alone was over 90,[redacted]
so again DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER - even if they say "please"
Revenant Desgin Challange-
My Entry for :iconrevenant901:'s design Contest…

Desgin wise i kinda went a little more on the Mage side instead of Merc- but kept some of the Mercenary elements in there (small touches of padded armor and such- )
his weapon is a gun that utilizes his dark magic for Ammo but if comes up close he can use a curved bladed sword that can be used while he teleports around leaving behind plumes of smoke-


Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Name is Una1Stian ... you can call me Una if you want just a nice guy with a big heart and a passion for working on my artwork.

i commonly use mechanical Pencils, but i have been learning how to Ink in pictures as well as color them using color markers.

alot of the times if you ask me to draw a picture i will do it if its something that peaks my interest , or sometimes i will randomly ask you if i can draw a certain character or scene

I'm fairly good at writing short stories and bios for characters (OCs for comic ideals,Role-Playing etc. ) so most of my writing will be stories and such.

anyway , sit back relax have some Coffee and welcome to my little abode haha ^_^


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